TFA: from information to wisdom


Unstructured information means reality. Data is recorded observations. Structured information is formed by a communicator representing the data in a meaningful way. Consuming the structured information leads to knowledge. Wisdom is reached by achieving a deep understanding of acquired knowledge, and being able to process new information with prior experience.

Information architecture – to anticipate the process above and create order before a user’s brain tries to do it on their own

Information design – the art and science of preparing information so that it can be used by human beings with efficiency and effectiveness

Infographics is a type of information design which branches from information architecture

Screenshot 2017-04-07 11.57.58

To visualize is to make certain phenomena and portions of reality visible and understandable; many of these phenomena are not naturally accessible to the bare eye, and many of them are not even of visual nature.

-Joan Costa, Spanish professor of design



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